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Easily create and send newsletters to promote your discount coupons, promotional operations, product releases, events... then analyze your opening and click statistics and stimulate your revenue growth !

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of consumers check their email every day.


is earned for every $1 spent on email marketing.


of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email.

Track your results in real time. Improve them in no time.

It’s no fun sending emails without knowing if anyone opened them.

Use built-in analytics to find out which emails were delivered, opened, what subject lines work best, and how many links have been clicked within your emails. Improve your newsletters based on the content your audience clicks on, and become a better email marketer.

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Email builder? More like easy builder.

Spend more time scaling your online business, not figuring out how to use our platform.

Choose a pre-defined email template that will work across all email clients or programs of your subscribers (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook...) and customize its style and content to fit your brand.

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You are in compliance with e-marketing legislation

Contact lists

Create as many lists as you want! Mailzy keeps them updated according to subscriptions, unsubscriptions, events... A suppression list is automatically managed by Mailzy to discard invalid addresses.

Signup forms

Grow your audience with GDPR compliant double opt-in sign-up forms. Integrate these forms into your website, even more easily and natively by following this step by step guide if you use TOWeb or PageXL.


Mailzy manages unsubscriptions and rejected sends for you: bounces, non-existent addresses, spam reports... to preserve your sender reputation. This is a legal obligation.

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